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HOW To Find a Wall Stud WITHOUT a Stud Finder

trying to find a wall stud to hang something like one of your favorite pitches or a shelf if you don't know what you're doing it can't be a tricky and daunting thing to do and a quick search on the old Google Iser and you're bound to find a host of stuff detecting ideas out there now if you've got the cash you can fork out fifty dollars plus for a half-decent stud finder which are pretty good but don't be seduced by the cheaper priced ones as they're unpredictable and more trouble and frustrating than they're worth if you feel confident you can even remove a light switch or even a power point down below because generally these are attached to a stud so once you find out where that studies then just simply push it back that regulation stud spacing to find the next one but just remember whenever you're working with electricity to go the switchboard first and turn the mains power off because we don't want you getting zapped and of course a crowd favorite it can't go past the good old knocking on the wall trick seriously what could possibly go wrong hmm g'day folks uncle knackers here from DIY for knuckleheads and welcome to episode two in my workshop hacks tips and tricks video series now we're gonna shove those stud finding methods to one side just for a moment I'm going to show you one now when after you set you're gonna be scratching your head thinking boy I had not thought of that before it is so obvious so you're ready this is my secret stunt finding hack and I'm going to make it as simple as possible for you so what you need to understand for those that don't know is that drywall plaster board sheetrock all those types of products they're all attached to the wall studs behind the wall with metal fasteners like a screw or nail and what's attracted to a metal fastener a magnet yep that is my secret stud finding hack it's as simple as that and I'll show you how to use it now the first thing you need to do is to buy one of these rare earth magnets at least 1 inch in diameter and a quarter of an inch thick now these are the world's strongest magnets so the ones that you have on your fridge at home they won't be strong enough and on the back all I've done is stuck some felt to it which you can buy in sheets with a sticky back and that will help prevent the magnet from scratching the wall surface now just a quick reminder that I am running a competition in this video to win a really cool prize so if you want to be in it make sure you watch right through to the end of the video to pick up some vital clues that you'll need to answer a few simple questions ok the next thing you need to know is that in most new homes built today the wall start spacing is 450 millimeters or 16 inch on center which simply means I'm gonna center of one stud to the center of the next status is 450 millimeters or 16 inches and finally that sheets of plaster board drywall sheetrock they normally come in 1200 millimeter or 4 foot wide sheets that are usually installed horizontally now is where the fun starts with your tape measure from the floor measure up roughly 1,200 millimeters or four feet and I've placed a bit of tape on the wall there as a reference point just sayin see what I'm doing now that we know your height along that line there and within a gap of about that we'll get our magnet run up up and down the wall with the felt side to the plaster board until we hit a vast now that's even a go okay let's give it a crack with the felt facing the drywall or the plaster board we'll just run this up and down that seam which is basically where the two sheets of meat so we'll do that up and down just keep going along the wall and bang the magnet has found a fastener which means we have found a stud how easy was that let's mark that with some tape and we'll keep on going so why rights think this study here if we come across 450 millimeters or 16 inches we should find ourselves another stud so if we can just roughly do that we go across our 450 or 16 inches which is about there and then we'll get out of fancy magnetic stud finder up and down the wall just like that and bang we found ourselves another stud how easy is that and the best thing is is that it's small doesn't need batteries or calibrating what more do you want now if you want something a little fancier I stumbled across this really cool little magnetic stud finder a few years ago it's called the stud pot and for the record I have no commercial agreement with this company whatsoever it's just a really cool little product and this is what you can win in the competitions at the end of the video so make sure you stick around for that one all righty I'll show you how it works now the stud pop uses the same principle of magnetic attractions but the difference is well finds a metal fastener the indicator moves and clicks into position now that it's pretty cool now I reckon that little rebuttal deserves a great tip knackers by the way speaking of magnets don't take it the other day I bought a brand new fridge magnet I'm really pleased with them so far I picked up 12 fridges now before I head off and make myself a cup of tea I want to announce my latest competition where you can win one of these cracking a little buckle neck as approved stud pot stud finders so to qualify for the competition you need to be a subscriber to my channel as well as having that notification bell ticked so if you haven't done that yet do it now so all you need to do is to answer the next three simple questions correctly and leave the answers in the comment section down below and what I'll do is in my next video I'll crank up the old random comment selector gizmo and pick the winner from that so make sure you watch the next video to see if you bring home the question 1 what type of magnet did I use for my homemade stud finder question number 2 what is the name of the magnetic stud finder that you can buy it has that little indicator and finally questions free in millimeters or inches in a house what is the standard stun spacing good luck in the competition and I hope you enjoyed and found that video useful and if you did a big thumbs up would be greatly appreciated alrighty after all that I think I really do need a cup of tea so till next time don't forget to wash your hands be good be safe and I'm out of here Cheers

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