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How To Scare Away Boyfriends

[Music] welcome back hacksmaniacs you know the girls they really love practicing their archery here in the backyard but the problem is we don't have the most ideal setup between losing some arrows to the grass i.e the lawnmower and other ones to the woods behind us got it and i believe i found a bed of seed ticks as a bonus this is no way for a kid to prepare for the apocalypse i got some ideas society is in decline we've gotten soft we used to hunt and gather our food if you were lazy or in it you didn't eat and only the strong survive you sailed the world using the stars and explored wild and dangerous places like the amazon now we mostly hunt for deals on amazon and gather make-believe friends on facebook be heard woman what is this is this one of your over-built projects how big is this thing oh no by yay tall [Music] that's huge whose fault is it that we've fallen so far so fast men mostly mostly we've gotten comfortable with being passive apathetic lazy and dare i say less violent now they make the ones i'm looking for what's that right there hold that right there we walk right past them wait that woke right past it there it is right there that's what we're looking for we'll see if i get this thing in there by myself because it's heavy and it's awkward and it's hard and i can't grab it my word that mat was so hot i burned my booger hooks on it but i digress we've gotten used to relying on a fragile system can you take that monkey you got it okay he wrote his soft heads lennon once said every society is three meals away from chaos i'm not the man my father was and i'm certainly not as tough as my ancestors i don't have any boys to raise his men can you take that i was blessed with three amazing little girls so the best i can do is raise them to be as self-reliant as possible and hopefully they'll set the bar high enough that they'll find what victor marks calls a dangerous gentleman so as usual for me i had to go to multiple hardware stores to get what i wanted and that's where i ran into problem number one my plan was based off of building this out of four by fours and that's why i went and got these simpsons strong tie braces i love the way these look these outdoor accents i use these in fact on the swing set that i built out front for the girls i just love the way they look and then all of the eye hooks and everything that i purchased were based on four by fours then i went to the store i was gonna get the four by fours from and i was like this thing i've over built it it's too heavy these four by fours they're soaking wet i mean i know they'll dry up and lighten up but a lot of them weren't very straight and they were just this whole thing was going to be too heavy so i decided on the fly to go ahead and get some two by fours and that means that all of my original dimensions that i came up with are all off so they're going to require some adjusting all i have to do is take a little bit off the height and kind of re-figure some of this and blah blah blah don't worry about it anyway we'll get it worked out i thought i got all straight ones but this one is uh pretty cattywampus so i gotta figure out where i'm gonna put this board come one come on there's plenty of maggots for everyone there we go [Applause] [Music] and of course these always get our canadian friends really excited because that is the world famous robertson screwdriver [Music] i grew up in the city and although i fished a lot and i spent like all day outside i didn't do a lot of what you would call like outdoorsman activities my dad hunted when he was a kid but not really when i was a kid because it wasn't really convenient to where we lived and honestly he just didn't have enough time to do that kim on the other hand grew up in the country she was so country she dipped that's not true all the high schoolers used to meet at this store down from the high school called papa's and when i saw kim across the parking lot with that copenhagen imprint on the back of her jeans i said whoa that girl's country camera give me the camera i gotta figure out how long to make these the base to where this thing can take an impact and not fall [Music] [Music] well that's supposed to go away green i do believe there just look at it disappear anymore actually the original intent was to go with dark brown but then i thought hey let's go crazy [Music] um so something's kind of daunting on me now that is that uh i like the way this looks i don't like the i don't like this green on here number one it's going to have all the stuff hanging on it so it's not going to disappear anyway and um i just don't like it so i just happened to have the sprayer from when i did the other fence this is with the brown let's see what happens is that going to kill the grass oh my gosh yeah that looks better okay [Music] 24 hours later i can't keep moving it around like this so i'm going to cut a couple axles out of this 5 8 inch round bar so my plan was to use these wheelbarrow axle brackets pass the 5 8 inch rod through and when you pass them through there's actually you can't get it on there any further than that there's a little nib on there you just see that there i'm just going to drill that nib out and then hopefully i can just kind of pass this through here and then i'm going to use two of these on each axle and i'll leave the nib on the back one [Music] nope nope nope but despite having what i know is no less than 4.3 million assorted bolts nuts and washers laying around the house and the shop and everywhere i don't have a single bolt screw or washer that will allow me to use these axle brackets no matter how much free planning i do i always have to make multiple trips back to the hardware store because i always forget something [Music] that'll do pig look at there look at her so i put this part off because this thing oh this thing is such a beast handle this may be short [Music] might be a little bit small oh no that's fine we try to do as many outdoor activities with the girls as we have time for like every year we go on a falconry hunt and it is freaking awesome and this year you know to make sure that we kind of include all of this because we homeschool the girls archery is going to be part of their you know pe class i'll never forget my pe teacher mrs harbo i remember she would look at me and say adam move it come on get on there awkward this is the vitzen issue probably gonna do something about that one target two targets [Music] whoa whoa whoa whoa girls wait wait oh my gosh oh my gosh i cannot believe i forgot this eventually when fighting the zombie horde you're going to run out of arrows and then then what do you do think adam think think what could we do what could we do [Applause] [Music] hey [Music] oh very close guys we had problems with intruders coming onto our property so watch this video right here to see what we did to fix that issue and how you can fix the issue safely on your property as well

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