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How to turn any square into an octagon

welcome back to sawdust and wood today's tip of the week is gonna be how to take any square and there's a math formula that you use and you can turn any square into an octagon let's get to it all right so for this example I drew a square 12 inches 12 inches 12 inches 12 inches all right so you need to remember if you want to turn any square into octagon the lengths of the side of an octagon is point four two times the length of the side of a square and an example of how to do this math formula is 12 inches is the side of the square and we'll multiply it by 0.42 and that's going to give us five so what you need to do now is you come to your square and you find the middle of your side in this case it'll be six inches so I got six inches that's the middle and you take five the answer of your math equation and divide that in half so that'll be two and a half so then I measure over two-and-a-half inches and make a mark here and I do that all the way around the square and then I connect the lines and I'm gonna show you how to do it right now okay so six inches is the middle of 12 then your math formula gives you five so you split the difference of that and you get two and a half so you measure over from the middle not from the corner you come from the middle two and a half inches come to this square at this side of the square six inches is the middle two and a half inches this way measure two and a half inches this away and you do that around the whole thing six inches is the middle two and a half inches two and a half inches same thing here now all you do is you get a straightedge and you go from here to here and trace that line now I'm gonna turn the camera off trace it and I'll put it back on and show you because I don't have any way to hold the camera where I'm at okay so I trace those lines and here is my octagon from any square I thought it was a pretty cool little trick to show y'all using math formula take the side of your square multiply it by 0.42 gives you 5 find the middle of the length of your square 6 and then divide this by 2 and measure over and then you just connect your lines real simple thanks for watching the tip of the week hope y'all understand how to make a octagon from any square if you got any questions or comments please leave them below and please share this video like and subscribe to the channel thank you all and have a great day [Music]

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