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I Built A Micro Camper That Goes Anywhere!

[Music] I just built the world's first slide-in camper for a side by-side UTV complete with a slide out solar power and heated floors UTV side by side multi-purpose off Highway utility vehicle whatever you want to call it these things are freaking awesome for both work and play but there is one major problem my Ranger can get me to the best camping spots but I have to sleep on the ground exposing myself to tree Grizzlies murder chickens and much much worse well I am done exposing myself welcome to Hackman y'all I want this side by-side camper to be as light as possible but I also need it to be as strong as possible so I'm starting off with 3/4 in plywood to use for the base of the camper now obviously maybe some aluminum tubing would be better but I don't know how to weld this is what I know how to do so this is what I'm sticking with I made the base 48 in x 48 in so that I could be as efficient as possible with the plywood after cutting out the base I cut out what I'll call the wings and these are the sections that will sit on top of the sides of the side by-side bed this will give me an overall dimension of 68 in wide by 48 in deep you know the uh the truth is it's it's not trash pandas and swamp donkeys I'm worried about Legend has it these Woods are home to something bigger much much bigger I uh I dare not say its name but I'm sure those are just ghost stories you know meant to scare us I'm sure there's nothing to worry [Applause] [Music] [Music] about if you've been with the channel for a while you know that this channel started out doing building projects and trying to have fun with it and then a couple years ago I kind of lost the joy of doing that but here's notice I'm bringing it back this channel is going to do a lot more builds just like I used to do and I'm going to try to keep them as fun as [Music] possible when I'm putting a project like this together that has these big pieces I like to first shoot it with some Staples to hold everything in place then go back and put the screws in I'm using 3in screws on this to make sure that everything's held nice and tight baby you owe [Music] all as you've probably noticed my garage is a major mess so you can be guaranteed that an epic garage overhaul is coming soon beautiful hello um do you have any mayonnaise do I have any mayonnaise yeah yeah I got some here hold on I got some in my pocket hold on here you go here's the mayonnaise how many packets you need thank you know baby if you owe me all of this will Adam you filthy animal look what you did you had your depth set wrong on your drill bit [Music] there you know I like to keep all of my mistakes in the videos because I like to keep it real but at a certain point I just look like a freaking [Music] idiot let us now test the fit of the base before we proceed huh that's weird I thought I heard something um I'm sure it's nothing let me show you what's going on here real quick oh extreme close up here we go here we go test fit is successful I don't know maybe 2 in sticking out past the furthest point not bad that's acceptable now the way that I'm going to attach this is I'm going to run four screws two approximately here and two approximately here on each side for a total of eight and the reason that I can do that is because this actually had an accessory rack just like the has on it but I don't really use it in the bed so here are those attachment points really the best way I know how to do this other than taking extremely precise measurements is I'm just going to thread the screws up from the bottom that hold the rack on and I'm going to press down really hard hopefully they'll leave an indentation now this camper needs to be as luxurious as possible so of course that means heated floors let's get started I hate instructions all right all the pieces are out and after some helpful hints from this fellow I've realized I've ordered the wrong Parts back to the Amazon It Go more on that later for the framework of the walls of this camper I'm going to be using 2x4s and I'm going to cut those 2x4s down to 2x two or 1 and 1/2 by 1 and 1/2 St RS the reason I'm using these are because they are cheap and fairly lightweight you know as far as wood goes as you may have already noticed earlier kind of gave it away I'm using this sheet foam fular XPS foam I'm going to be using that to keep the camper lightweight as lightweight as I can odly enough you can actually put 1,000 lb in the back of that Ranger but I don't want to put anywhere near that I'm hoping to keep it around like could I keep it around 100 150 100 150 I don't know we'll have to see I've seen lots of videos on YouTube of people testing out different glues to find out which one will work best for gluing foam together or gluing foam to Wood and folks here it is right here okay it's 3 m78 I did a little research about 5 minutes worth and found this it is literally made for it and I've tested it and it work works amazingly well so that's what I'm going with you use it just like you would any other contact cement the only difference is it doesn't have the harsh chemicals that will eat away at the foam but just like any other contact cement you do have to be careful when gluing the pieces together because when they're stuck they are stuck now having said all of that I'm also going to be using this loctip pl300 which is also specifically designed for use with XPS foam board the advantage of this glue is it gives you working time when you need it the disadvantage is it takes a long time to drive like 24 hours so I would guess that this wall weighs less than 10 lb but why guess when we can weigh it oh wow I'm not very good at this 14 1/2 lb I hate to even guess on the base I mean I don't know 35 lb 74.6 lb oh I just can't help it Everything feels light to me it's been pretty cold so I decided to try to speed this process up by heating the glue up with a heat gun here's your warning don't get too close to the XPS foam with a heat gun I'm building the sidewall of the camper now that's going to have the slide out I know this is going to be super complicated I'm kind of dreading it but I tested out could I lay in this and have plenty of room without the slide out and the answer to that was no and now for the side with the window and let's see if we can't speed this process up a little bit [Music] I went ahead and cut these notches out so that I can easily put the front wall in later now whenever I'm marking out to put plywood in I like to put an X so that I know which side the plywood goes on to later because I have the memory of a fleet right just want to measure twice and cut once 10 and a quarter let me check it one more time oh that is lovely that is look at that look at that look at it look at it right here right here right here right here would you just look at it look at it flush flush lovely this is actually going to be the sidewall of a storage compartment that I can keep all of my like camping supplies in you can se

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