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Jig for (2) 45 degree angle PICTURE FRAME CLAMP!!!

welcome and thanks for joining me to sawdust the wood i'm going to teach you today how to make a 45 angle jig like if you're building a picture frame and you need to clamp it so it can dry those 245 miners could dry really good stay with me pay attention it's real easy you can do it all right so now you want to get your board and since this is a short piece i'm gonna i'm gonna try to work in the middle of it this is roughly the middle three inches this was a longer piece i wouldn't even worry about it all right what you want to do is see i got this piece to cut out a hole in my saw and i just need to save a little bit of room at the top so about right here is where i'm gonna do that at so i'm gonna touch it make a mark with my bit right here is gonna be my drill point so now what you wanna do is get your speed square and put it on the top right here slide it over until you hit that point and draw that line that's a 45 now you want to intersect it with another 45 so flip your speed square over right here and make you another 45 right there now we're gonna drill this out [Music] all right so now i'm gonna drill right here make sure i get right in the middle [Music] all right now what we're going to do is miter cut from here to here and here to here real simple put your saw to 45 degrees [Music] now i'm going to put me a little block in the back so i don't um i don't want to cut through my board so it's a little block right here cut that side switch over to 45 here i'm gonna cut this side all right now look what i got both of these pieces we need to keep let me show you what i'm talking about all right so look at this [Music] put my piece down say i was building a picture frame here's my two 45 degree miters watch this [Music] say we had some glue right there come in with my clamp now i can tighten it down and it could dry want to thank everybody for watching please like subscribe and share bring back carpentry we're going for 100 000 views i mean subs the only way i get to 100 000 subs if y'all share this video and pass this knowledge on here's your homemade clamp for picture frames simple and easy y'all have a beautiful day thank y'all

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