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I shouldn’t have let her in my shop!

hi my name is scott hi my name is rachel and i am the organized one in the relationship so i told scott make me new whiteboard calendars and i said make him yourself and i said i don't know how so teach me so we went to the lumber yard [Music] we're just coming back from the lumber yard we just picked up some really rough four quarter walnut we got another short spin because it was cheap and so am i [Music] these boards are a bit too long because my shop is really small so we need to make them shorter do you have your earplugs [Music] i was not told to bring ear plugs go get your earplugs and cut or and cut the camera not the wood it's very heavy [Music] that was good i used a circular saw i wanted to have a dramatic moment where i was like doing this sound effects are supes necessary this is called a jointer it's actually a jointer planer he thinks i don't know okay fine mock me you're the expert just do it i don't need to instruct you all right give me the um they're called push pads these are push-ups ems uses no yeah you're talking about a defibrillator yes [Music] [Applause] we have our stock milled with a flat face with a edge at 90 degrees and the opposite face coplanar to our original face so now we have one edge left to deal with that's still rough and we need to make a parallel to that edge [Music] [Music] we have milled up our stock and it's nice and straight and flat so we can make it into frames so what do we do next mill the wood no we cut the rabbits i knew that [Music] so how'd you feel about making the rabbits i didn't like it why not i don't know i didn't like the table saw it was scary so now we need to cut miters on the ends of a frame stock to do that we're going to use the table saw again and my awesome miter sled the first thing we do is make our first miter on this side so we set our sep stop block for our short size we're going to set it to 18 for our long sides we're going to set it to 24 and then we can ensure that all of our sides are going to be equal length so that our frame is a true rectangle and not some sort of weird rhombus thing that makes sense yeah yeah it does make sense [Music] we were going to make some pretty simple looking frames just standard like you know simple frames but we're going to have to do something to hide a slight imperfection i have right here because it just chips he made a mistake the way i'm going to hide it is to put a slight chamfer along the inside edge [Music] so what are we doing we're choosing which long edges and the short edges go together trying to match the color more so than the grain pattern but also the green pattern if we can it's glue up time what we want to do is have our band clamp set up and ready to go because there's nothing worse than the glue setting up and then you're fiddling around with the strap and it's all tangled up and you're just ready to quit oh i got glue up sorry less stressful with other people wait you didn't spread it you didn't spread it oh yeah never mind they're still stressed [Music] the glue's dried and now we can take off the clamps if scott would show me how you just counterclockwise that thing right so scott what's next so we have to reinforce the miters we're going to do that with some splines and we're going to do that at the table saw [Music] this is the spline jig all it does is cut a slot through the corner where we're going to insert a piece of wood to strengthen the joint there's really nothing to it got it got it [Music] whoa whoa whoa what's happening well i thought it was about time you learned some hand tool skills because i have so many [Music] hand tools are hard work no one likes them [Music] this is boring that's why i have machines i want to use the power tools sounds good to me thank you [Music] [Music] late night gluing so we're gluing in the splines we made the splines at a walnut because i don't like contrasting woods like every other woodworker does so deal with it but also i'm the boss and i don't like contrasting woods so walnut it is and i'm using gorilla glue because polyurethane glue shouldn't seize up as much and these splines are a little tight oh man it's so much better than wood glue it just slides right in there what does wood glue do fight you it'll go halfway then it'll get stuck and then you won't be able to move it and then you'll just throw it and put it in the garbage [Music] we left the splines nice and oversized so now we're going to use the edge sander to flush everything up because it's a super easy quick tool to use [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hmm oh my god i'm here what comes next creepy scrapey we're going to attack problem areas and we made some glue drips that we're going to scrape off also we're going to make sure our corners are super duper flush i see a problem area [Music] you know you gotta sand the outside edge you have to do what and you have to stay on the inside edge too uh you never told me it was this much work call me cinderella why don't you what time is it rachel finish time everyone's favorite time let's skip into a 20-second montage and move on we got a couple coats of osmo on the frames it's dry now and now we get to assemble everything [Music] so [Music] oh [Music] so are you happy with how it turned out uh very these are amazing the walnut looks so good i think these are going to be amazing in my office i also love how big they are yeah i mean i made the calendars 18 by 24 which is a standard size so you know you can get a frame for this off the shelf we could have bought these

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