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If YOU Love LEGO, You’ll Love This!

[Music] medic i know the medic over here where's mark dana when you need him legos how painful [Applause] g'day folks uncle knackers here with another woodworking challenge this time it's from that juggernaut mark dana with the hashtag rubbishwood21 let's do it now the inspiration for this challenge involves lego and mountain biking which my 11 year old son absolutely loves so i've decided to build him a lego display unit out of a 26 inch bike tire and a few sticks of old rubbish wood that i've been chipping over for the last year or so now the great thing about this project is that anybody can do it and hopefully with a bit of luck fingers crossed it's going to to look pretty cool unlike what i tried to do just then which wow was pretty lame so [Music] i need to delete this bit now you most likely can't see the size of our tyre written down here but it's a 26 inch times 2.25 so i think i'll cut the rubbish wood to a width of 43 millimeters which should fit nicely inside the tyre [Music] [Music] with most of my projects i like to do a bit of uncle knackers approved rustification work which involves adding a few self-inflicted character building necks cracks and scratches the pine fascia board that i've cut the size is looking a bit too fresh and since i've just made myself a cuppa if i just paint the board with the tea hopefully the tannins in the tea will make it a little darker [Music] adding some black paint and then sanding it off will help highlight the imperfections [Music] finish the boards off with a couple of coats of clear varnish or polyurethane and we're ready to cut the size [Music] ah you've got to be kidding me that did not just happen ah no that's not good [Music] that's not good either looks like that's a retirement home for you old girl okay i've been over the old girl and i reckon i can repair this section here just by simply replacing that plastic housing but i did go ahead and did a test to see how square it was cutting and it is running a little bit out which is really annoying because this has been such a fantastic machine over many years and to top things off i've also broken something inside this housing because this guard should be down here and not up there oh what an absolute pain watch this space folks looks like i'm up for a brand new machine all right where's that handsaw handsaw who uses hand saws [Applause] [Music] so basically this is how the lego display shelf is going to look but i do want to pimp it up just a little bit so what i think i'll do if i can is run some of this led strip lighting around the inside edge of this tyre which hopefully should highlight that tyre and make the shelf really pop [Music] so as you can see here all i've done is i've screwed that transformer to the inside of our tire and we'll attach the leds to these wires here check out the lights folks pretty impressive i have to say and the good thing is is that with your remote control you can change the color of those lights from red to green blue and even white and you can also make them flash strobe fade whatever you like absolutely fantastic now i do have to say though that the sticky back on these lights wasn't very strong so i actually had to superglue those lights in place i tell you what those lego pieces are going to look fantastic in this speaking of lego a couple of days ago i overheard a conversation between a lego mum and her lego son as he was heading out the door to meet his girlfriend the mum looks at him and she goes that looks atrocious you can't go out looking like that go back upstairs and change into your blue legs just didn't match the colors clashed so colorblind kids these days no idea [Music] now check that out folks what a little cracker one lego display unit complete with lights done and dusted made from an old tyre and some rubbish wood that was destined for the bin your kids are going to love it great tip knackers now just very quickly and referring back to the start of the video the next time you step on a random piece of lego and have to spend the night in the emergency just simply remove one of the pieces of lego from the lego shelf not to be replaced as a subtle reminder to your kids to pick up their stuff seriously how many times do they have to be told hopeless now if you want to see more awesome scrap booty type projects make sure you click on my playlist which should be popping up over there very shortly alrighty a big thank you to mark from dana designs for putting on this challenge well done mate awesome stuff and i look forward to seeing everybody else's creative rubbish wood creations alrighty i'm off for a cup of tea so till next time cheers

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