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I’m Never Watering My Garden Again!

what if you could take eight hours to do something in one day that would free up over 500 hours every year would you do it i spend one to two hours watering the garden every day over and over and over it's so full that i water the garden most of the time nonetheless it's a huge waste of time today i'm installing a drip irrigation system to water the garden before i start laying dripline i have to get water to the garden i could hook up to an outdoor faucet but that wouldn't solve one of my other problems the mess of hoses running through the garden those combined with squash vines have made it nearly impossible to mow i know there's an old water line running from the well that used to supply the neighboring house and it's right along here somewhere i'm gonna go with right here actually i have the parts for the drip system on order but they aren't here yet hopefully they'll be here today i'm questioning my dousing abilities oh i'm hitting something now that i figured out where my water line is i made the obligatory trip to the hardware store i bought my pvc line and fittings i also picked up this trenching shovel you can take this saw right here and you're gonna go oh no it's a sewage line it's a sewage line a few moments later okay now do it on that one over the purple yep perfect is that going on top of the pipes or inside of it this will go over it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] let's see what came in our drip line kit hey what do you know drip line who to thunk it put your finger in there kim now x-maniacs you know i don't like to start any project without having a highly detailed set of plans totally to scale as you can see here actually here's a better look i've got the main water lines coming in two spigots main water line to the drip system drip lines into each bed and then i'm gonna duplicate that on the other side while we take a lunch break i'm gonna set out all these lines in the sun so that they can soften up and make them easier to work with to the trench winch after that first trench my back was screaming so i enlisted the help of kim and the girls and yes i did try renting a powered trencher but none were available in my area we've run into what i knew would be another problem and that is vines these vines that i can't mow around they're actually in the way of us digging these trenches kimberly i i don't know i'm conflicted because some of them have food on them oh see that might be another that might be a watermelon or a pumpkin i can't remember i think this is watermelon look at that little baby i don't want to just be done there's a pumpkin on it look oh and it's been eaten no see stinking squash bugs like they say you have a year before the squash bugs find you that's crap let's take a moment and discuss what makes drip irrigation so amazing as it turns out plants just like people can be really sensitive when you order plants from above it creates what's called leaf wetness period i wonder how they came up with that name it's so clever that's that's ridiculous anywho it's when a thin layer of water coats the leaf of the plant allowing disease-causing fungi spores to germinate and infect the longer the leaves stay wet the more likely leaf diseases will occur that's shocking drip irrigation systems on the other hand minimize contact with leaves fruit and or veggies they save a ton of water because you're not watering all the ground around the plants you're just putting water exactly where it needs to go that means it can save you money too and my personal favorite benefit it saves the most valuable thing we have time i forgot the timer i made a mistake whenever i dug the trenches out here because actually i wanted this line to be right up beside the bed and i dug my trench out about a foot out but i think i can still make that work and what i need you to do is cut this for me okay can you do that just cut it just use your scissor fingers nice what have i done it came with these pins because you can actually put this above ground and probably intended for that but i'm putting it a couple inches below the ground i'd like to take this moment to recommend that everybody do this during the fall not during the middle of summer because i say go loudest yeah we were picking the things over there and we were wondering what the burnt smell was and then mom realized there was smoke coming out of this metal bowl that was over there and it was burning the gloves while we were picking the weeds and stuff oh my gosh that's crazy kim and i got the half inch mainline run and then it was time to move on to each individual bed hole punch barb you've got quarter inch drip line and quarter inch solid line here don't be an idiot and run the drip line up the side of your bed make sure the drip line goes on top and the solid line goes on the outside of the bed dang i just i just use the emitter line to go up the side and that's going to drip water i got to take those back out [Music] elbow [Music] that'll go like that [Music] and we connect the drip line i was wondering why this was so much tougher now than it was earlier because it's in the shade now i wondered earlier how much of a difference the sun did it really make it softer it show enough to have these pins to hold the line in place and of course this bed right here is going to be easy because it's empty the other beds not so much got a plug for the end just have to do it two more times in this bed we're gonna run three in each bed and then we have to do 18 beds these other beds are more difficult because they're full of produce we ready we're ready okay big moment let's see what it does i don't know maybe there's like a lot of it maybe all has to fill up before it gets the pressure okay then maybe i have bad luck when i do water projects i've got this set dawn it's like is it the timer i mean all right so i guess this is like a flush valve right here [Music] and that's not coming off so no water apparently this is set to on check i mean two two videos in a row right where the water doesn't cut on 30 minutes okay hey you hear the water you hear the water all right so apparently i just got an issue like with setting up water features all right let's see check out that emitter let's see if the water starts to flow [Laughter] [Applause] again if i extrapolate the time i saved over a lifetime i just added two years to my life for more important things more than ever you need to become self-reliant check this video out right here and it'll show you how to grow a ton of food in a teeny weeny space

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