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NEW WorkShop Hack Video Series!

have a look at this all over the world over the past couple of weeks or so we've seen it we've all talked about it toilet paper the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 this is absolutely ridiculous what's going on well as far as I'm concerned all I can say to you is don't panic just yet because I reckon I've got the perfect solution for all of your toilet paper woes check it out all you need is a handsaw and you're good to go and just simply cut the toilet roll in half and there you have it what a classic you've now doubled your toilet roll supply genius you've just got to be a little more conscious of paper placement if you know what I mean now obviously that was a joke I'd use a miter saw handsaw as if I do use hand tools I wouldn't know a hand slawko fell over and hit me on the back of the head get a folks I'm gonna guess here from DIY for knuckleheads and on the more serious note I hope you're all faring well and looking after yourselves and your families during this pretty difficult time in your history and I think it's times like these that I think it's a good idea to try and lighten the mood just a little which is why I'm starting up this new little video series where I show case a quick fun and practical workshop hack once a week that should put a smile on your face and hopefully add to your arsenal of tips and tricks nothing too fancy or technical and I'll even throw in the odd home maintenance hack that's guaranteed to save you some time and more importantly in those difficult times some money and I won't even charge you much for the advice now that whole thing about not charging much for advice was just a little bit of a joke I charge like the wound is bore money money money must be sunny yeah now all jokes aside this is where I need your help I want your tips trick shop hacks whatever you want to call them just send them to me and if I feature your tip or hack in one of my weekly videos I'll send you out one of my prized and very rare DIY for knuckleheads stickers and I also give a plug to your YouTube channel Facebook page instruct ount or whatever it is you have going on at the moment now there are some guidelines that are kind of want to stick to so loosen up now your tip or shop hack has to appeal to the masses if your tip only appeals to say a hundred or so people well it's really not worth my while making a video on it it has to be dead simple and I'm not interested in complicated jigs or hacks that involve expensive machinery so the key here folks keep it simple as these videos need to be short so what are you waiting for if you want to get involved go to the description box below this video and send me your tip to either my facebook page or my extra account along with a photo and if you could assure video along with a description of what your amazing tip is all about so I hope you enjoy and even participate in the new workshop hack format thingy and with a bit of luck the first video should be yet in a few days time so make sure you stay tuned for that one and with that thanks for watching and remember wash your hands be good be safe until next time I'm out of here Cheers

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