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Raised Garden Beds Are So Yesterday!

few things are as satisfying as picking your own food from your very own garden but you're limited by how far you can go out what if instead of going out we go up and that hexmaniacs is what today's video is all about can i grow twice the veggies in half the space well guys spoiler alert i'm here from the future to let you know this does not grow twice as many vegetables in half the space it grows way way way more than that in a very tiny space the u.s and the world bracing for food shortages special reports spotlight the global food crisis knowing you can provide food in uncertain times is very comforting but is it also a false sense of security because realistically in a real survival situation this garden is not big enough to provide for our family so what's the solution how am i going to take my vegetables vertical it's very simple i'm going to do it hydroponical lee hydroponically yes okay i think i've got it i've just watched a ton of youtube videos and that makes me a verifiable expert i'm going to take these highly detailed plans and drawings and head off to the hardware store actually i just stare at the wall of parts until i think i can put something together i couldn't find a suitable base to hold the water at the first store so i went to another store and found this container it already has wheels too now this container is way wider than i need for one grow tower and that got me thinking what if just what if i picked up this vinyl post sleeve to use as my grow tower with the intent on cutting it down to six feet well i thought what if i cut it into half and have two five foot towers except for this isn't ten feet long like i thought it was it's only eight feet long before i go back to the store and pick up a second tower a test is in order all right little munchkin can you fill that bucket up for me thank you beautiful you wet my shoe you did you did you wet my shoe you did you're not afraid of heights are you do we ever put electronics near water no okay but what are we about to do put electronics in water but this is because this is a submersible for submergible we'll go submersible look the water has become oh my oh no we've got it's a disaster you climb this ladder hold it up high hold it up over your head hey this pump was purchased specifically to do one tower but now i know that it has enough power to do two towers i had high hopes for it because it is made of the finest chinese um i could find i have a little bit of a conundrum do i go get a second five inch square vinyl sleeve or do i use this four inch pvc pipe that i have left over from whenever i dug the shallow well out front now i'm not one to pontificate on the pleural possibilities of pvc but what i am going to do is i'm going to use this two inch pvc pipe and i'm going to go ahead and cut all of what will hold the plants in my towers now i know what you're saying did he did he and yes yes i did i did put on some tinted safety glasses because pvc has the possibility of exploding when used on a miter saw i had already cut a bunch of these pieces out when all of a sudden the angled pieces started bursting and flying all over the place and it just started doing it over and over and over again then i realized that what was happening was these pieces were bouncing off as i was cutting them and they were hitting the fence i'm going to move the fence [Applause] put your safety glasses on my love i'm going to mark up 16 inches because that'll give us above our container base and then from there i'm going to go every 10 inches yep i cut out this little ring to use as a template lovely i'm going to do it that way on each opposing side and then on the alternate side and do it slightly different there we go there we go go ahead and squeeze [Applause] there we go i messed it up you didn't mess up it's okay [Music] bring you some gorilla glue heavy duty this is waterproof blah blah blah all that good stuff we're gonna take them and set them down on there okay [Music] okay so um uh i just noticed this is the bottom of the post this is the top of the post so unless i want my plants growing down we just put these on here upside down hopefully they should be okay yeah all right cool just go ahead and punch a hole right there for me i hit it harder try getting the old elbow get the old elbow yeah there we go some people are going to say adam this is too complicated a hydroponic system requires you to add nutrients and requires power and while that is true the advantage is that it doesn't take up much space so anybody can do this you can do this in an apartment if all you have is a balcony now if you do this inside you will need some grow lights i'm going to do this outside where i don't require that all right you grab a bag and i'll grab a bag [Music] yep we're just trying to clean them off oh really so you've got a better way than daddy okay we'll try here we'll try it your way you could put like four or four or five in each in each hole count them out [Music] then magically one week later it shrank so these hey we didn't know how successful this build was going to go so we just started out with a few of these starts and as you can see some of them haven't taken yet but some of them have [Music] you may be asking yourself what did all of this cost well i'll put a list of the ingredients did i just say ingredients well you've got just a a half a cup of pvc with just a pinch of vinyl added to it a sprinkling of you know some type of glue i don't know anyway i'll put a list of all the supplies over here and how much everything cost i actually used pex t fittings on here on the inside there you can see where i glued a couple pieces of pvc and that's what's going to hold the shower head so okay so what i've done here is uh this hose i had from a previous project and it's just dawned on me it's not looking good oh my gosh like i can't believe i didn't i can't believe i didn't check that i gotta go back to the hardware store hey echo hatched one chick i noticed today she was a little more like spread out i see your baby oh look at it it's like what oh it's laying flat on his back but she's got maybe another one okay mama do your job good job you can set the pump down in there make sure it's not in either one of those holders okay [Music] here's the big moment powering it on are we ready go any minute now and there's nothing uh okay so i all right so i tested tested this earlier we know the pump works this one yeah here let me try that we're gonna skip the timer and still nothing try the timer again still we don't ever use this outlet is this outlet is this outlet on a switch that is the sound of plants being watered check it out give me some skin up high down low all right a typical 4×8 raised garden bed you can grow 32 plants in it because it has 32 square feet this is five square feet and we're growing 52 plants in here well not yet but we will be that is five times the amount of food in half the space ten times

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