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Scrap Wood Project Under $1 BUCK! #spswc2020

uh prepare to be amazed folks here's my entry in sumo's three minute scrap wood challenge let's do this now this bottle of whiskey is going to make a great gift it just needs a presentation box to make it that little bit more special and that's what i'll be making in today's scrapbook challenge now for the scrap wood challenge i've gathered together an eclectic mix of exotic and hard to source materials such as pallet wood i've got this old piece of pine here complete with its own checkout and two bob dents so they'll come in handy and even a sheet of plywood bracing material so i think we're off to a good start [Music] [Music] now just before i box in this bottle of whiskey i want to make sure that it fits there you go like a glove and now it's time to put on those cross members from side to side and that'll stop that whiskey bottle from falling out and yep that there is uh yep real blood and check it out what an absolute ripper and has the attention to detail it's virtually impossible to tell where the two timbers meet and of course there's the fancy dovetail joinery down here minus the whole dovetail thingy because that just complicates the whole show and of course who could possibly forget the ancient japanese technique of using dowels a technique or method passed down over the centuries still used to this day but only mastered by a few so what do you reckon folks i absolutely love it now in all seriousness if i was to receive this as a present being an avid woodworker diya i'd be absolutely over the moon what a great little gift and to you sumo thanks heaps for the opportunity to be part of the scrap wood challenge and good luck to everybody else in the competition not here by the way to you and james there's a little something in the mail no strings attached great tip knackers

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