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Simple DIY Camper Sink For My Cargo Camper

hey y'all you want me to show you how i did my diy camper sinking water system stick around oh we got a leak let me show you what i've done so far i bought a couple of these three quarter inch edge glued panels from the hardware store i've glued these up and all i did was use the pocket hole system to join these together and really what you would normally want to do if you wanted this to be really nice is you'd go with two long pieces and you would go with a diagonal right here for your countertop that would be the most home like i should say but again to save money i just went with joining it on the side like this this top is pine by the way so it is going to be soft so keep that in mind i applied a fast drying stain and then a water-based varnish on top of that i put in this 15 by 15 sink and i put in a way too big faucet i'm right on the edge of shooting this out originally i had bought a much bigger sink for this and this was going to be fine for that and then i was like this is ridiculous it was way too big so i bought this i sent that one back bought this 15 by 15. so i've got this installed and underneath here hello i bought and installed a camper drain system for the bottom of the sink let's get to the heart of the diy camper van water system okay and i'll put links to most of this stuff anything that i can put a link to i will put a link to in the description so the first thing is these water containers one's going to be for your fresh water and one for your great water i should also say that i got a lot of the information that i figured out for this from a van life customs i think it's the name of it and i just had to tweak it a little bit to fit my application the other thing that i've got here is this water pump and i've got one that is you know it's 110 but you can also get a 12 volt version of this if that works better for you i've also got a plethora of accessories and everything that i'll go over here and i literally had to spend like two hours in lowe's in the plumbing department trying to figure out because different threads and everything trying to make this work so i'll do my best to explain what i've got going on with all of this stuff as usual i will be working off of a very precise set of plans first thing we're going to do is take these caps off of these and you can see they actually come with a spout which uh for this application totally useless so you can just chuck those but what's great is it's already threaded so that's what makes these really good i'm gonna do the gray water side first and i've got the cap for what will be my gray water tank don't get your tanks mixed up later okay because that would be kind of disgusting the biggest issue that i ran into with this and i mean it's not hard is that there are different thread patterns okay and i'm not a plumber so if you watch this and you're like you didn't understand what that thread pattern's called no i don't okay i don't care all i know is that the first thing i need is a garden hose adapter in order to make the two thread patterns work so i'm gonna put that in then i've also got these quick disconnect for garden hoses these i ordered online and then i've got some thread tape and again i probably don't need thread tape for this part especially because this is not under any pressure but i'm just going to do it and thread that into the cap next i'll use one of these quick disconnects i'm back here at the camper drain this is where i put the other part for the quick disconnect on the end onto the end of our drain pipe here all i have to do now is put the cap onto the other tank here and our gray water tank is ready for the freshwater tank i'm going to start out the same way i've got the lid i've got my garden hose adapter and i've already taped it with thread tape now for this clean water tank i only want to thread that in halfway because i want to leave those bottom threads because i'm going to do something different with those i've got a three-quarter inch coupler here that's threaded to slip adapter and then i've got a three quarter inch to half inch adapter and then i've just got this short length of half inch pvc i'm going to put my pvc glue in there slip the adapter in and then put my pvc glue in there plumbers are all cringing right now i'm just gonna slip that in there and then remember whenever i said don't thread that all the way through leave the bottom half because i'm now going to thread that to the bottom half i'm going to measure down to the bottom of this container to the top and we have 21 and a half inches so i'm just going to measure from the bottom of the cap and get it up on there and that was 21 and a half so i'm going to measure down to 20 inches 21 inches and just be a half inch down there and that's where i'm going to cut it out probably don't use a rusty hacksaw blade when you do that i'm going to clean that i'm going to sand that off set that down in there and then that is our line to pick up water from the bottom of the tank super simple all i've got to do now is add the quick disconnect onto the top of this here is our pump and it clearly has marked here for your convenience the in and the out arrow which is wonderful so it comes with this adapter for you know barbed four half inch tubing and then it also comes with this mesh filter so one for each side they figure but i'm not going to use this on this side i'm actually going to end up using it on the filter side because that saved me from having to get another adapter and the filter will go on the inlet side to continue the line on the outside from the clean tank to the inlet on the pump i picked up this half inch vinyl tubing it's half inch inner diameter three quarter inch outer diameter and then i picked up some of these hose clamps so i'm just going to go ahead and prep this one side okay the rest i'm going to have to do once we're inside the trailer so i'm going to slide that on there and then i'm going to put this barbed end that came with the pump onto there and then just tighten that down for the outlet side of the pump i'm going to use this 3 8 inch to half inch brass coupler and i could probably just hand tighten that and that'll be fine the reason i'm putting that on there is because up underneath here i'll show you because it'll be easier out here than it is in the camper you know this faucet has a hot in a cold water supply i'm just using the cold water but in order to make that work that's what's going to happen oh you know what shoot i forgot i gotta cut this out i'm gonna have to mark right here there's so much room in here [Music] i've got my gray water tank which i'll put in and i'm going to connect that quick connect to that and i don't know exactly where i want these to go for certain but i'm guessing probably right there and then here's my freshwater tank i'll probably put like right here all i have to do now is connect my cold water to my cold water line to my line coming out of the pump

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