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This Boomerang Was BANNED!

g'day folks Uncle knackers here now look boomerangs are awesome and they're great fun to throw so when Daisy announced the offcuts only 23 challenge I knew exactly what I had to make now I've got a scrap piece of plywood here somewhere amongst all this shimazel and I reckon that's all I'm going to need to make a Snappy little Boomerang now when I was a kid in high school back in the early 80s yep that's right back in the 1900s it was a study of natural selection at its finest as everybody bought a boomerang to school to throw at recess and lunchtime it was great fun but also kind of dangerous due to the actual number of boomerangs being thrown at the same time which of course led to it eventually being banned well fancy that something fun being banned just because some kid lost an eye outrageous [Music] [Applause] okay let's not waste any more time and get this Boomerang shape cut out shouldn't be too hard shouldn't don't do what I just did with the circular saw I use the circular saw because you finish up with a cleaner cut than using a jigsaw but what's happened is that this piece is now loose which is going to make cutting around that Circle a little bit tricky so for the rest of it I'm just going to use a jigsaw to cut around the entire shape now the edges they may be a bit rougher but we should be able to sand those back now when using the jigsaw Don't Force the cut let the machine do the work and use a fine tooth blade mine's a 14 toother and as it turned out cutting that dodgy end wasn't as bad as I expected now with boomerangs you can virtually make them any shape you like and to make them fly you need a Leading Edge to cut through the air and a trailing Edge to create the lift just like the wing on a plane now to create those specialized edges just use a sanding machine or even just some and sandpaper or some description to get the desired shape now with all three of those trailing edges sanded the next thing we need to do is just to round over the Leading Edge on all three of those wings and then to finish this off we'll give it a good old sand just to get rid of any rough edges now check this out that's not a bad looking logo looks pretty cool hey just a quick one what do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back a stick classic dear idea just getting worse with each video now most people will look at that and go yep that looks done let's go down the park and take it for a spin but I'm not normal I'm going to give this a paint job using a technique that I've never used before that's either going to make it or break it I'll let you be the judge alrighty nothing ventured nothing gained all righty let's give it a go a bit of white paint [Music] alrighty stand back folks here we go foreign [Music] so that's it folks and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the first attempt hopefully though the extra weight of that paint doesn't throw out the aerodynamics but regardless of that I think the effect looks absolutely awesome and deserves a big thumbs up so here we are folks got a big wide open space so I shouldn't do too much damage let's give this a toss and see if it comes back fingers crossed here we go all right coming come back to me we need a bit more quite crucial in throwing a boomerang get the idea these things seriously are so much fun love it [Music] too bad just like my school report room for improvement okay let's give it another one [Music] seriously folks these things are so much fun do yourself a favor go get one or make one and uh it gets the kids out of the house alrighty good stuff now if you and the kids want to have a go at making one of these awesome little boomerangs I'll leave a link to the plans Down Below in the description box so you do yourself a favor and check those out and if you're interested in seeing other novelty woodworking type projects make sure you check out my playlist we should be up on the screen over there alrighty as long as my dodgio shoulder holds out I'm off to fine tune my boomerang throwing skills so till next time be good be safe and I'm out of here cheese

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