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What are the TOP 5 Power Tools You NEED for Beginner Woodworkers?

good day folks Uncle neck is here now look when buying power tools as a beginner when entering into the crazy world of DIY can be an absolute nightmare as there are just so many options to choose from you don't know where to start and what do you even actually need to get the show on the road without going over your budget wasting money on power tools that you may not even need so to ease all that confusion and to make your decision process that a little bit easier here are the first 5 power tool tools that I would buy and recommend that are guaranteed to get you off to a really good start commenting with one of my favorites the circular sore so let's face it there are going to be many times as a homeowner a construction worker a DIY Enthusiast or a woodworker where you're going to need to rip down a sheet of plywood or cut a piece of wood and trust me one of these is a much better option than one of these these now what I love about it and why I recommend it is that it's a very versatile and useful tool for making accurate cuts and can easily replace a table saw in many cases as long as you know exactly how to use it insert Shameless plug [Music] [Applause] here and the fact that it's portable means that you can take the tool to the workpiece rather than having to drag the workpiece up onto a bench or a table saw to make the cut and like all power tools these days the circular saw comes in two variants ones with a cord like my trusty old girl here or cordless which are battery powered and it basically comes down to your budget as to which way you go with the battery powered models being more expensive than the corded models When comparing Machines of similar build quality power and and features now you'll be pleased to know that the circular saw also comes in various sizes ranging from the little baby at 5 1/2 in all the way up to the big daddy at 10 1/2 in now the two most common sizes are the 7 and 1/4 and the 9 and 1/4 with me personally opting for the 7 and 1/4 as they're very easy to handle and it has a decent cutting depth of 2 1/2 in which will cover most of your cutting needs and it's good to know that not only is the circular saw great at cutting Timber and plywood but with the right blade it can cut almost any material fiberglass metal stone brick tile are just a few examples now look I know that cutting a straight and square line with your circular saw can be a little tricky at first trust me we've all been there and done that so to make your life a little easier you can either buy or make your own jigs which I have plans for down below along with a couple of videos that make the process of cutting straight and square so much more predictable so if you're interested do yourself a favor and check those out now my second power tool recommendation my mom even has one is possibly the most common tool found in any Workshop or work site and that is the power drill [Music] now I'd have to say that the power drill would have to be in a running for one of those key tools for any DIY project with a whole range of applications including drilling holes and driving screws in and OU of surfaces and this versatility means that it can be used for jobs big and small including things like hanging curtains attaching shelves or hanging a picture right through to building furniture or installing a deck now the drill/driver like the one I have here is possibly the most common type on the market that has the capacity to drill holes as well as take a bit to drive in a Fastener such as a Phillips head a flat bit which in my opinion should be outlawed who uses Flathead screws anyway they're so 16th century star bit Square bit hex head etc etc and then we have the impact driver like this one here which is smaller but has more torque than the regular drill and is pretty much only used for driving in screws you cannot drill a hole with one of these and as you can see the impact driver has a collet that holds a bit whereas the drill/driver has a Chuck that opens and closes to hold and then release the bit now the big question is do you need both if you do construction then yes as there are many times when you need to drive in large screws and the impact driver will do that job perfectly but for the Regular Joe Blow like myself the everyday drill driver is the perfect choice and like all power tools these days they come either corded or cordless and with a battery and to be perfectly honest if you can buy yourself a cordless model as they are so much more convenient due to the fact that you're not dragging around a big old power cord you'll just need to pay a little bit more for that [Applause] convenience now the third tool on the list of my top five recommended power tools is the electric sander which means less of this and more of [Music] this and as you'd expect the main benefit of using an electric sander is that it performs the job of sanding much faster and with less effort than manually sanding by hand and it's the perfect tool to quickly strip away layers of wood paint rust and other materials making the piece that you're working on nice and smooth and ready to apply a finish of some [Music] description now the sander that I do recommend is an orbital sander like this one here which is a good allrounder and is suitable for a wide range of sanding tasks it uses a circular sanding pad that vibrates in small circles and rotates in random all orbits which helps to prevent those annoying swirl marks most orbital sanders also have a variable speed function which enables you the ability to slow or speed up the action of the sander depending on what you're sanding or the finish that you [Music] require okay power tool recommendation number four in my little workshop the tool that I use the most would have to be the mitur basically all it is is a stationary saw designed to make repeatable Precision cross cuts at multiple [Music] angles now you don't need to go out and buy a big whizbang one like mine that slides in and out and cuts more angles than an angle Factory all you need for most jobs is a mosur that cuts up and down and has a base that can rotate to 45° for those common everyday motor cuts which are mostly 45° and 22 1/ 12° having said that sliding arms do increase your cutting reach and some SS also tilt both ways to make complicated Cuts easier and just keep in mind with all those extra features it'll come with more weight and a higher cost number five on the list of power tools was a toss up between the trim router and the cordless nail gun with a router just sneaking in for the win simply because I use it more often than the nail gun now I've chosen the trim router as it's just such a versatile and useful tool to have in your kit and to tell you the truth it's quite addictive once you get to know how to use it the trim router is a great little tool for dressing up the Ed Ed of your projects by using various bits such as the Rover bit or the Sham frame bit and it's also great

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