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Why Did This Table Take 300 Years To Make?

[Music] hey guys today i'm going to try to build an epic epoxy and wood desktop and i'm going to do it using this 300 year old reclaimed heart pine check out the growth rings on this heart pine beam well over 200 years old and this beam was recovered from a barn built over 100 years ago so let's get crazy [Music] i gotta tell you cedar has nothing on heart pine get away for that just just get a whiff it's amazing if somebody hasn't put this in a candle yet they really should it's just i love it [Music] about 20 years ago i built all the interior doors for a guy that lives near me and unfortunately about a year ago his house caught on fire and because he had so much heart pine in the house aka fat lighter man it just went up like a tinder box [Music] oh shoot almost had some quality content there whenever i about flipped the whole sheet over [Music] [Music] if you're like me and you work out of your garage and your driveway or if you have a small shop it's really handy to have the track saw and a table saw because with the track saw and cut everything you know the sheet goods down to a manageable size and then come make the fast small repeatable cuts on the table saw [Music] just to make sure that this mold stays totally flat i'm gonna pocket screw a couple of these extra pieces that i cut for braces under the bottom just to make sure there's no sag in the middle [Music] [Music] every other epoxy project i've attempted the world's deadliest stool the fire guitar the sugar bomb table i've used tyvek tape in the mold and this is the first time i'm trying this paste wax method on the melamine i've seen this done on a lot of channels before i think probably one of the main ones that i saw this one was michael builds i might even be doing this wrong but anyway apparently you put the paste wax on and then put black silicone in the corners now i couldn't find black silicone all i could find was almond silicone and that'll have to work because at least that'll show up and i think the reason why you do it this way you put the wax on first because that will allow you to put a nice bead of silicone in the corner and not have to wipe it out and then the wax will allow you to peel the silicone off the extra easily i think that's why you do this now apparently there's this really fancy ball bearing spreader that you can get and i didn't have time to get one so i'm just gonna use my really fancy glove finger and hopefully that will work good enough [Music] all right all of those are cut now and i'm not gonna lie it's a little sketchy at times because some of the thinner pieces are wanting to kind of split there the ring anyway the silicone is dried in the form so let's try to peel out the excess silicone so we just have to clean corners working according to plan time for test fit [Music] i'm gonna be honest with you she's looking pretty sweet for this project i'm going to be using total boat epoxy they actually sent me all these samples several months back and my epoxy project just kept getting pushed back but they sent me penetrating epoxy tabletop epoxy and thick set epoxy as well as some mixing containers this total boat epoxy is a three to one ratio so i'm going to put 48 ounces and then finish taking it to 64 ounces with part b and wow that that's a big difference in the viscosity i'm just going to kind of start pouring this in because i don't care what the bottom of this looks like and this is going to be the bottom [Music] now the proper way to have done this of course would to have been to put a thin coat on each block and seal it and let that dry but i ain't got time for that okay i mean there's some little pinhole bubbles in here but i'm going to sand those out and we're going to go ahead and give this another coat [Music] second coat is dry it's looking amazing [Music] now i'm just gonna wipe it down with some of this um hold on [Music] hey kim yeah babe what do you call this right here is the purple alcohol what isopurple alcohol okay that's what i thought thanks yup just like it says right there on the bottom iso purple alcohol [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so this is my third mixing for this maybe last board i thought i might be pushing my luck by putting too much epoxy on here at one time and you know not just doing the proper layering and guess what i did i did i pushed my luck too far i forgot after i poured this that this was three times thicker than all the previous pores and yeah i didn't come check on it as often as i should have and so i got all these bubbles but you know what we don't make mistakes around here we have happy accidents shoot i'm just going to take some of this sandpaper here and i'm going to sand this down and then using the wet on dry technique i'm going to pour a thin layer of table top epoxy on top of this and hopefully that'll fix this [Music] now if you find that your sandpaper is getting clogged well shoot just take it off and beat the devil out of it it's my favorite part [Music] [Applause] oh now that we've got it out of the mold it's time to get brave and maybe maybe yep right there we're just going to put a big old happy tree i put down this green tape over all the bubbles that i want to hide because next i'm going to cover this with parchment paper i've tried using sharpies and everything on the top here to mark out where the bubbles were but no matter what i did i couldn't see through the parchment paper or even tracing paper so what i found best was putting the tape down over the bubbles and then i can draw over those [Music] i've drawn my shape onto the parchment paper i've transferred the shape over to this mdf and now i'm going to cut the pieces out of the mdf and then i'm going to attach those pieces onto the desktop three pieces down 36 more to go after i got all of the template pieces cut out i went around the corners of the epoxy piece here because there was a little lip and i sanded all of those down then i went over the whole piece with blue painters tape and now what i'm doing is gluing these pieces of my template down with ca glue super glue and what i'm doing is just putting a drop of super glue onto the template piece and then i'm spraying quick set spray down the fast dry stuff down on the blue tape and hopefully that'll hold everything down nice and tight until i want to pull everything up in which case the blue tape will release from the epoxy that's the plan my track record with epoxy and routers is not fantastic [Music] so if this seems sketchy to you well that makes two of us so far working out perfect these were the pieces that i was really concerned about not these in particular but all these little pieces [Music] [Music] [Applause] hallelujah after i finished routing out the tree section of the desktop i went ahead and put a thin layer of the tabletop epoxy on it to seal up kind of because i'd actually routed through to the wooden parts and then i used some of what was left over from that and i added some of thi

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