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YouTube comments can SCAM you out of your $$$$! – Protect yourself!

this is going to be a short but very important video because I don't want you to get ripped off I've received several emails from folks asking me if comments like these are legitimate I'm sure you've seen them yourself either on this channel or maybe on another Channel because this scam has been going around YouTube for a long time and it seems to be getting worse these are not real comments they're generated by Bots computers leave these by the thousands run by underhanded people looking to mislead you by promising free stuff in an effort to get you to contact them so they can extract personal information from you all these were left on just one video in the space of about 10 minutes they leave them faster than anyone can remove them so you have to be aware of the scam and how to protect yourself fortunately it's pretty easy to identify the fake comments if you just look at them closely here's a comparison between a real comment from a video creator like myself and one left by a bot my comment is clearly identified by my channel name Stumpy Nubs in a gray oval with the YouTube verified identity check mark next to the name the fake comment may have appropriated my logo that's how it tries to pretend it's me but that's all it has in common with my comment instead of using my channel name it has a telephone number in the word text this is a common tactic others may have contact info for other social media like WhatsApp is very common in these scams usually they just want you to contact them off YouTube I've never seen one of these fake comments use my actual Stumpy Nub's name but they're always evolving so who knows what form they may take in the future regardless if it doesn't have that gray oval around the Stumpy Nub's name with the verified check mark inside it it's not me now if that's hard to remember let me make it really simple I have never and will never leave a reply to any YouTube Instagram Twitter or any other social media comment that contains an offer for anything I won't do it for a contest not a prize not a giveaway a personal consultation nothing never in the comments I would also never contact you personally through instant messages or any other social media application with any sort of contest or free product offer that you didn't ask for I would never make any unsolicited request for your personal information so if you get any of these or you see one of these fake comments on my videos or on anyone else's videos because all the larger channels are having this problem as well as some of the smaller ones don't respond you may even flag it if that's appropriate eventually they'll be removed which brings us to what else I as a Creator can do to fight this sort of thing and help keep my channel safe for my audience well first of all I'm making this video but I also spend hours every day going through comments and trying to find and remove anything that's inappropriate I also have a list of keywords that are entered into my channel settings so whenever any comment is left that includes one of those words or phrases it's automatically held back for my review so I can look through them and delete them before you ever have to see them that keeps the vast majority of them off my public page and so we're doing a pretty good job fighting this but I can't flag every word in the dictionary and they're always changing how they do it so it's a constant battle you have to to be diligent if it's too good to be true or if it's an unsolicited contact it's probably not legitimate if you have any doubt about a contact from me you can contact me directly at support and ask me if it's authentic it's a shame we have to do this but that's the world we live in see you next time who says you can't get tracksaw quality cuts from a simple circular saw more tools nude clamp Edge guide system is light it's easily portable and it's far less expensive and with the optional router and jigsaw attachments the system's more versatile too check it out at the link in the notes below this video

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