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Turn A Piece Of Old Wood Into Something Priceless

oh there we go now when kim was a little girl up until the point we got married and her whole life growing up she had a fireplace and i didn't whenever i was a kid and we haven't had a fireplace our entire married life which is 20 years until two years ago when we bought this new house moved out here and it does have a fireplace but it doesn't have a mantel well kim wants christmas to be really magical for the girls and and memorable so she wants to be able to hang the stockings by the chimney with care so my mission this year is to make sure that she can do that i started off by going up into our attic and looking down beside the chimney to see if there's any wood i can attach to and i couldn't really see much so i dropped a gopro down on a piece of paracord still didn't see much so i decided to try to take apart the firebox to see if what i could see around it how much support there was i drilled a hole in our closet behind the chimney bought a new inspection camera yep did some probing and still couldn't figure out anything sometimes you just get to the point where you have to bite the bullet drill a hole and deal with the repercussions and ramifications let's see what happens one of the reasons why i was so hesitant to just drill into this wall was because this isn't paint this wall is plastered and would be almost impossible to touch up all right i'm gonna set that right there to inspect finally by sticking this flashlight in the hole i drilled and then blindly hanging my phone over the chimney i was able to see down in there that there is wood support around the firebox but not on top of it i went to the local reclaimed lumber yard and they had some nice beans there so i got two big beans and this one i had them split in half for me and the other beam i still have and it is not cut yet and that is because i've got to make a major decision on that one cutting these is not going to be an easy task originally i thought about using the uh circular saw or the track saw even to get that depth but i think the easiest thing is for me to just use the chop saw here maybe [Music] well that's a little sketchy [Applause] [Music] bed this little lawn care right there in the middle it's a little the cut didn't quite line up but it's good enough that i think whenever i set the other pieces on here it'll be fine i've got to do this three more times [Music] do [Music] [Music] guys if you've been watching my videos for a while you know that i sweat a lot i mean i sweat like a pig thanks to native i don't have to smell like a pig anymore in fact i could smell like cherry and vanilla macaron did i say that right macaron i don't know it just smells like a cookie i want to eat it oh okay let me put it away how about coconut and vanilla again again it's making me hungry okay it smells wonderful my personal favorite however unscented i mean i love those other ones but i like them on kim native is aluminum free and paraben free it's vegan and cruelty free too it has simple ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter okay native isn't sticky it dries quickly it lasts all day if it can work for me it can work for you and that's a fact okay you can also get native and plastic free packaging with the same formula native also makes amazing body washes don't make them weird i smell like candy canes they even have toothpaste now if you're looking for some stocking fillers a native has limited edition scents like sugar cookie candy cane and fresh mistletoe three deodorants are normally 36 dollars but if you use my link and the code hacksman you'll get them for twenty four dollars that's thirty percent off with my code you can also get 20 off any body wash or toothpaste i haven't decided what the orientation of this is going to be i don't know if i'm going to have these going wider or narrower and you know facing out more all right so here is one option i mean i'm pretty sure i want the mantle to be depth wise you know the back of the wall here coming out i don't want it to be taller than it is deep so this was my original intent this is why i picked out this beam because it had these mortises in it which i liked three mortises three little girls and then one extra mortise down there you know just for the heck of it if i do it this way that means that i'm going to have to cut you know get that on there and get it in the shot you can see how i've got i got that back there because i want to reveal at the front and that means that this whole you know piece right here i'm gonna have to cut two inches probably off the back of that whole piece if i orient it this way orient sounds weird orient that's what yeah that's the word okay [Music] all right here is option number two it's got a sweet knot right there but i probably put that oriented up you know it's kind of like if i show the mortises it says hey i got some 150 year old reclaimed wood and i built a mantle and the mortise is proof you yeah and well they don't prove but whatever you know you know what i mean i mean come on they show that it's 150 years old however if i just show the the roughness of the wood it says this mantle is 150 years old which look am i going for i don't know i've got cut an inch and three quarter off the back of each one of these legs now [Music] and that is why i got that bigger saw i don't think that i've actually ever needed the extra depth that that saw has and oddly enough it's still not going to do me any good enough good because i'm going to have to finish this cut most likely well not most likely most definitely with a handsaw [Music] yeah so uh this should only take forever [Music] so this guy just jumped in the window don't keep running don't you run from me lizard why don't you do it i'm gonna save your life that oh i got you i've got you oh you're gonna live to see another day friend today is your day see he was riding up here and then whenever i rolled the window down to let some air in he decided he'd hop a ride not today my friend all right go eat some bugs so it cuts on when you push is when it cuts your turn watch your hand don't there you go there you go get on with it girl [Music] what's funny is once you cut it open i mean that looks like new wood you know what you pay for what costs so much is this stuff people used to throw away you want that patina it's only on the outside you ruined that and you've wasted your money because that looks like brand new wood and not only does it look like brand new wood but this is red oak red oak sucks okay uh i actually paid for white oak but i got red oak i really don't care because you're not gonna see this but had i wanted white oak it'd be kind of annoying now i know that the mantle piece is white oak and you're going to see the ends of that once i cut it so i'm glad that that actually is white oak just something about red oak just you know i just don't like it white oak is beautiful though anyway all right let's do a little test fit and i don't want to reveal to

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